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Our History


The roots of Scadoodle date back to Benjamin Franklin Dally. One of 11 children, Benjamin Dally served in the first World War, where he was injured in the cavalry. Unable to serve further, he made his living as a penman and painter, detailing carriages and surreys, as well as making toys for his own children.

The boy pictured is NOT Benjamin Franklin Dally, but on the internet, anyone can be your ancestor.

July 24, 2021

ScaDooDLE hosts its Grand Opening in Waupaca, WI, welcoming families to explore and spend time together in a creative, welcoming environment.

The Artists

Although ScaDooDLE now retails several brands of toys and craft supplies, a selection of our items are still handmade by us. Meet the artists behind the ScaDooDLE brand 


Erin Kempfert

Erin Kempfert is the founder of Scadoodle Toys. She has a background in art and education, and is passionate about play as every human's birthright.

She loves the philosophies of exploration and growth through play that both Waldorf and Montessori toys embrace, and believes play is an important aspect of life, regardless of age.

Erin and Audrey have been best friends since their early teens when they found out they both volunteered for the same organization and their families both worked at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. 

They have matching taco tattoos, and someday want to live together on a haunted farm with goats. Their husbands are invited to join them.

Audrey Zahradka

Audrey is an amazingly talented and creative force and undoubtedly the most interesting human being on the planet.


Audrey recently joined Scadoodle, sharing her sewing skills and educational background to create dynamic items that will raise the business to a whole new level.


She also let Erin write this paragraph.

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