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A Magical Corner of Scadoodle Toys

Long ago, when when the world was new but magic was already old, the door between the Human World and the magical world of elves and fairies known as The Elphame were open, and mortals and magical creatures could go back and forth at will. But just as humans could visit The Elphame, so too giants, ogres, dragons, and all manner of great and terrifying creatures could travel to the world of man. These creatures wreaked havoc in the Human Realm, and so it was decided the doors would be closed.

The mysterious Sparrow King, the oldest and most powerful magical being in The Elphame destroyed the gateway between the worlds, separating them forever. Small cracks remain, however, through which clever fairies, if they are quick, might slip to visit the world of humans. These cracks exist, small and barely noticeable on the horizon, in the last gleaming light of day, and if you were able to find and peek through one of these cracks, you might get a glimpse of the magical, whimsical Elphame.

The Elphame Collection is a limited series of one-of-a-kind collectible art pieces created with love and care and intended for display. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist as well as information on the item. Items are available through my Elphame Dolls Etsy shop


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Get updates and follow the progress of the fantastic 15 1/4" articulated treeling doll. Get a peek into the process of taking a doll from sculpture to release, and be the first to know when pre-orders open. 

Elphame Gallery

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