Booking Your Craft en-Counter

Call us at 715-467-7606 to book your Craft en-Counter today!


Reservations Required 


It is important that we know to expect you, so we can be sure we have everything we need to make your experience fantastic. While we try to accommodate every group, we cannot guarantee reservations made less than 7 days in advance. To make sure we are able to meet your needs and restock supplies if necessary, please call at least 7 days in advance to place your reservation.

Adult Supervision

We require children participating in our activities to have an adult present. We do not charge extra for supervising adults.


Each activity starts at $25 for groups of 2 or less. Groups of 3-7  participants are charged at $10 per participant.


A down payment of $25 is required at time of booking. For groups of 2 or less, this is considered pre-payment in full. Larger groups will be charged the balance at the activity.