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Our History

ScaDooDLE has a proud history of art and toy making, dating back to 1888 with Benjamin Franklin Dally. Benjamin made his living as a penman and painter, painting carriages and surreys, and making toys for his children.

His son, Wayne Dally, showed his own aptitude for art and made a living in his early years painting window displays, shop signs, and billboards for local businesses. Though he eventually changed careers, he remained a skilled hobby artist and woodworker, making toys for his children. His wife Pat was a twinkly woman with a deep love for children, and it was her work in education that would shape the direction of art and education in further generations.

Wayne and Pat's youngest daughter Becky was next in line to carry on the traditions, providing early childhood education to children and families in her hometown while also raising her children to value art and learning. Aside from her work as a teacher, Becky was skilled at making garden sculptures, dolls, and worked as an interior muralist at the height of the 90's "themed room" craze. Now retired, she still creates, and enjoys working her artistry into her garden.

It was Becky's daughter Erin who realized the family had passed something truly special down through so many generations, and worked to share her family's legacy with others. Erin is an accomplished mixed media artist and has a long work history in education. It was her passion for art, learning, imagination and discovery, passed down for more than 100 years that inspired her to begin making and selling games and toys.

After 3 years selling her handmade goods at shows and festivals around Wisconsin, Erin was able to secure rent on a former bar in Waupaca Wisconsin and turn it into a combination retail and activity space for children and their families. Though very few of the toys and games are handmade by Erin anymore, she strives to work with manufacturers who maintain ethical, sustainable, and high quality products that fit the ethos of ScaDooDLE's origins.

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