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Make it Art. Make it Free.

ScaDooDLE is unique and wonderful in its ability to encourage and facilitate art for all ages and abilities. If you're looking for an opportunity to get creative with your kids for free, stop in and visit our Make it Art corner.

Make it Art is a community recycling and art initiative. It is a collection of gently used craft supplies and household recyclables graciously donated by community members for our visitors to use. Grab materials from the shelf and find a seat at our counter. You can use our paints, markers, scissors, glue, and more to make fantastic creations from your own imagination.

Make it Art is FREE to access and open during normal business hours.

Make it Art is free for community member

Keep it Free & Clear your Clutter

Clear your clutter and foster a creative comunity easily by donating your household recyclables or used craft supplies. We are always happy to receive donations, as they keep the shelves stocked and ensure Make it Art can remain free for everyone. You can drop off your donations through the front door during normal business hours. We will take care of sorting and stocking the shelves.

What we need:

Currently, our highest need items are:

  • Buttons and pony beads

  • stickers

  • Scrapbooking paper/ patterned paper

  • pompoms and pipe cleaners

  • stamps

  • stencils

3D fox portrait, made with Make it Art materials

Fox Portrait made with recycled materials

Always Accepting:

Fairy House made with food containers, glue, and paint

Below is a list of the type of items we are always happy to accept

  • Cardboard tubes such as toilet roll tubes or paper towel tubes

  • deflated foil balloons

  • duct tape, masking tape, washi tape, etc.

  • popsicle sticks

  • newspapers

  • used markers/ crayons


Fairy House made completely of recycled food containers

IMG_0150 Copy.JPG.jpg

Finger paints and paper provided by community members for Make it Art

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