Eye of the Forest Wand

Eye of the Forest Wand

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the wisdom attributed to the forest in tradition and folklore, this wand is carefully carved and painted to resemble an ancient, moss-covered branch. Greying bark gives way to a smooth silver shaft, while a moss-colored eye is set into the base of the pommel, gazing with the wisdom of a forest spirit.


This wand measures approximately 12" long, and is the perfect choice for any forest-loving spellcaster, or those in tune with nature.


    This wand is intended for play and costuming purposes, and may pose risks such as injury or choking to young children left unattended. 


    Avoid getting item wet. Do not submerge in water.


    All our wand designs are one of a kind, and will never be duplicated, meaning your wand will be as unique as you!

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