Farmyard Frenzy Board Game Price

Farmyard Frenzy Board Game Price

It's the end of a long day, and the farmer needs to get his animals into the barn! Help him by racing your animals around the board and into the barn - but watch out! Landing on the same spot as someone else could send one of you back!


This board game enchants players of all ages with the bright colors, familiar gameplay rules, and adorable characters molded of super durable, non-toxic thermoplastics.


Roll the dice and move your character around the board. Each character must make a  full circle around the board before continuing to the barn. Only one character can occupy a space at a time - so get ahead by landing on the same square as someone else and send them back to the start! Want to add another level of strategy? If your animal lands on a square that matches their color, they are safe! This means if another animal lands on the same space, they will be sent back to the start instead of you! But be careful! Everyone wants to be first!


    This game is handmade and made to order. Please allow up to a week for production and another 2 - 5 days for shipping. 


    The playing pawns are sculpted from super durable thermoplastics, instead of polymer clay. We prefer to sculpt with thermoplastics due to their durability and the fact that, unlike polymer clay, our thermoplastic is non-toxic and does not leach harmful chemicals onto the skin. Thermoplastics are heat-sensitive. Do not leave this game in a hot car or other extreme environment.

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