Spring Picnic, Cooperative Board Game

Spring Picnic, Cooperative Board Game

It's finally spring, and the animals of the forest are excited to see their friends and enjoy a picnic together! Work together to help the critters get to the picnic and have fun - but watch out! There's still a chill in the air, and who knows if a little snow may fall?



This game will have everyone engaged with its bright colors, silly riddles, and charming characters molded out of super durable, non-toxic thermoplastic, and easy game-play. Gameplay is designed to engage children who love to play games, but have trouble losing - making it the perfect choice for even the youngest, most beginner board game.


The game is designed to be played with one or more player. Each player takes turns rolling two dice - a number die, and a critter die. The player then moves the critter shown on the critter die the number of spaces shown on the number die. If all critters are shown, all critters move. But watch out! Rolling a snowflake sends all the critters back the number of spaces rolled.


Game play ends when all the animals have reached the picnic blanket.


Game includes playing board, 4 critter characters (deer, fox, hedgehog and owl), one number die, one critter die, and complete instructions.


Suitable for children ages 3 and up.


    This board is handpainted and made to order. Please allow up to a week for construction, and another 2 - 5 days for shipment.


    The playing pawns are made of durable, non-toxic thermoplastics. While these pawns are incredibly tough, thermoplastics are sensitive to high heat. Avoid leaving the pieces in a hot car or other extreme environment.


    Game includes small pieces which made pose choking hazards to children under 3.

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