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How it Started

Have you ever had an idea? An idea so big, it takes over everything? So big, you can't sleep at night? So big, you feel like if you don't follow it through, you might just burst?

We're a household of big ideas, and that's exactly how we got here.

This particular big idea got started when our youngest child got old enough to start playing board games and simple card games. My husband works some 60+ hours a week, and my job at the time meant my work schedule was erratic. To make the most of the evenings we had together, we started doing Kempfert Family Game Night.

I believe it was our children's idea first to make our own board games. We called the first one I built Space Race. It was a simple game that involved racing space aliens (made from character buttons) across the board and past the planets in the solar system.

The kids loved it, and the ideas began to grow. Fairies? Sure. Dinosaurs? Why not. What if we did an under-the-sea game? Let's go for it.

Idea after idea after idea kept rolling from our heads, and we found that designing and building the games was as much fun as playing them.

We all have our roles.

The kids hold a lot of the imagination power behind our games. They help come up with stories and rules, think of characters, and tell us what kind of games they like to play. Naturally, they are also quality control and beta-testers for prototypes, and we take their feedback seriously.

My husband excels at game organization, drawing up the rule books, and working out kinks that arise in our beta-testing stages. I rely on him to take a great idea and make it smoothly playable for everyone at the table.

Me? I put all the ideas down onto the board. I design and construct the prototypes, redesign according to feedback, add or take away elements to make it all come together, and finalize the design into production.

We do all of this because we love it. It brings us closer together, and allows us to share a little bit of our family with yours. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and that you'll take some inspiration to make tonight a Family Game Night.

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