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Decision to Launch

Moving is a lot of hard work and, let's face it, a total pain. But it can also be really fun, and can lead to some really great new things; new people, new sights to see, new restaurants to try, and most exciting, new opportunities to pursue.

This summer started with our move from Southern Minnesota to Central Wisconsin. It meant a lot of changes for our family - not least of which being our first mortgage (hello, home-ownership!) It also meant that I would once again be job hunting.

It seems every few years I am left reevaluating my career path, due to moves or situational changes. This time, however, I feel primed and ready to actually consider a path I have long wanted to pursue, but never before felt able to.

This time, I want to dedicate my time and the knowledge I have accrued to turning Kempfert Family Game Makers from a quiet little family hobby to a sustainable small business for myself.

It won't be easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. But art is in my bones, and after so many crossroads, I feel compelled to finally take the path that has ever been calling to me. This time, I have a background in business management, a sense of marketing and of community demographics, and a plan to help me build this passion of mine into something bigger. While I can't say it isn't scary, I can say it's also absolutely thrilling, and I am so eager for you to come along for the ride.

Like the boy-child standing victorious with his magic wand, I, too, shall succeed!!

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