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A New Face at Scadoodle!

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Audrey. I am super duper excited to join Erin as part of Scadoodle Toys!

I grew up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. My parents are both artists, and I spent my formative years going to science fiction conventions and renaissance fairs with them and my siblings. I went to the University of Minnesota where I studied forest management and entomology. I then worked as an arborist for several years. I married my wonderful husband Ryan and moved to Colorado in 2017. Since moving to this lovely mountain state I have inadvertently become a housewife due to a recently awoken auto-immune condition.

Erin and I have been best friends for about 20 years now, minus one year in the early 2000's when we inexplicably hated each other. Seriously, neither of us has an explanation for it.

We met as teens while volunteering at the same zoo in the summer. We bonded over a love of snakes, extremely wide legged pants, and renaissance festivals. Cue the montage of watching British television, doing crafts, and dying our hair wild colors. Those have been constants throughout our friendship! We stood up for each other at our respective weddings. I am an Honorary Aunt for Erin's kiddos, and Erin is my 3 cats' Fairy Godmother. We even have matching tattoos of tacos!

So when Erin asked if I wanted to be a part of Scadoodle Toys, I jumped at the opportunity! I am thrilled to be lending my sewing skills to Scadoodle and also helming up the social media aspect of the business. I can't wait to show everyone all of the new and improved products we have in store!

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