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May Day Celebrations Around the World!

May Day or May First is an important holiday, for different reasons, around the entire world! Erin and I chose it for our official relaunch for Scadoodle because of it's international auspiciousness.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, May Day is a celebration of the Springtime. It has its cultural roots in ancient European traditions. May Day is frequently celebrated with dancing and merriment.

There are a number of different dance traditions associated with May Day, the most popular of which are the Maypole Dance and Morris Dancing.

The Maypole Dance is performed by entwining ribbons around a tall upright pole. Each dancer holds a ribbon and weaves in and out around the other dancers, creating a beautiful braided pattern. The dancers frequently wear white or bright colors to celebrate springtime and flowers.

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Morris Dancing is an English traditional dance style. Groups of Morris dancers frequently perform and even hold competitions on May Day, as a way to greet the new Spring season. Morris dances often involve props such as bells and and handkerchiefs, and sometimes even wooden sticks that are clapped together by the dancers!

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The other important celebration held on May First is International Labor Day. Workers around the whole world are honored and remembered on May First. Labor workers and their families will hold demonstrations, both to celebrate advancements in worker's rights, and also to protest inhumane working conditions.

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No matter how you celebrate May First, Erin and I want to wish you a very happy one!

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