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May Day Crafts to Put Spring in Your Step

I love spring. I love the wet sloshy mud and the smell of rain and the way the whole world seems to turn bright green overnight. I love listening to the birds as they come back and build their nests and it's warm enough I can finally open my windows during the day.

And I love May Day. A holiday that is not widely celebrated in the United States, May Day is one of the few holidays in the calendar year that bridge Audrey and my different upbringings, and our mutual love of the spring celebration is one of the ties that binds us together.

It seemed only fitting, then, that we should center her joining Scadoodle and the soft relaunch of our products around the spring season and this festival of new life. I also wanted to share some of my favorite May Day crafts to do with kids.

May Day Baskets were the highlight of my May Day celebrations every year. There was something so exciting about making the paper cornets and tissue flowers and leaving them anonymously on the neighborhood doorsteps. It felt like the height of good surprises - like I was someone like Santa or the Easter Bunny. The tradition of making and leaving May Day baskets anonymously on doorsteps is fitting this year, as we are still practicing social distancing and want to wish our friends and neighbors a happy spring while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

If you've never made a paper cornet May Day basket before, you can find instructions here.

Make it fancy by adding some paper doilies. These May Day cornets are very close to the sort I made as a child.

Looking for something a little more permanent? This blogger got crafty with washi tape and materials salvaged from their recycling bin.

May Day Flowers Once you've made your basket, you need to fill it with some kind of surprise. Paper flowers with popsicle stick or pipe cleaner stem are classics, and with good reason. They are beautiful and simple.

My favorite May Day flowers are these beautiful ones, made with coffee filters. You can use watercolor paints or food coloring to make bright beautiful designs to fill your May Day baskets. A similar method can be used to make these sweet spring butterflies to decorate your home or basket.

This year, I also found these really neat flowers, made from recycled newspaper and I've got to say, I'm so smitten with them I could see myself keeping them around the house as year-round decor.

May Poles are a classic part of May Day celebrations, and something I'm very envious that Audrey's family actually had. But if you're like me and lacking your own dedicated May Pole (though now I'm an adult, I suppose there's nothing to stop me from building one....) maybe give this creative and kid-friendly May Pole craft a try.

Want more?

Older kids may get a kick out making these blooming paper bag trees, or get crafty with acrylic paints and garden stones to make ladybugs and caterpillars for the garden.

Meanwhile, toddlers and younger kids can practice those fine motor skills with these yarn wrapped flowers and rainbows, and by threading beads on these tissue paper flower bracelets that I wish I had known about when my oldest was little.

Whether you celebrate with baskets or flower crowns, dances or rainbows, I wish you a bright and blossoming springtime, filled with hope and promise.

We're making May Day celebrations a part of our Waldorf Dolls and including May Day crowns and outfits to celebrate spring.

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